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Missionary Moment
Pastor Ricardo Walker

I am serving with Eglise de la Brie church outside of Paris, France.

Eglise de la Brie is a young church plant in the middle of the Brie Region where 60,000 unchurched French people live, in the suburbs of Paris. The Furrs, UWM churchplanters, and the Monges, visionary news French church-planters teamed up in 2008 to plant a church that was 100% French. A place for people who may have had a problem with or been hurt by the church but had no real problem with God, and a place anyone would feel comfortable inviting their unchurched friends.

I joined the work in 2012 as the Furrs were transitioning to becoming Co-field Directors for Europe and scaling back their involvement at EDB. Every week we welcome new French families who have never set foot in church before, small groups for people who have never opened a bible before and lives being transformed as Christ draws them to Himself.

France, Europe is a dark place spiritually, with many Cathedrals that are empty museums-reminders of a rich heritage that has been almost forgotten, almost lost. But these people walking in darkness have seen a great light. Jesus is revealing Himself through a vibrant kid’s ministry and adult worship services that look like nothing that has ever existed in France before but speaks straight to their hearts.

And the heart of the Brie Church family is small groups. Through this church plant, our 2 new church plant partners, and influence within several French denominations God is influencing current and future church -planters all over France and setting their hearts on fire to see their friends, families and colleagues experience the joy of growing together in the Body of Christ.

I work full-time with the Pastoral team to build the ministry, train leaders, and to lead small groups and constantly creating or translating resources for all stages of ministry. I also serves as leader of the Kiddiboum, the ministry for 3-5 year olds, and as a musician participates in leading worship at Brie Church as well as in amateur music projects in the Paris Area. Gospel music is very popular in France today. Unfortunately, it’s all in English and for them is equivalent to R and B music, sung by African Americans. I hope to spread the message of the Gospel through Gospel and Contemporary Music.

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