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Youth Disciples


As a growing church , we recognize the need to involve our children as we teach them about the love of Jesus and how to grow in Christ. At the House of God church, our young people are able to share their gifts and talents during our worship service.

We look forward to engaging our youth in more life applicable activities, community outreach and discipleship workshops. Our middle and high school youth are very active and lead in our Adopt-A-Road Project.

Prayer Team

The Lord admonishes us in His Holy Word to pray constantly for one another. As Jesus prayed for His Church, we gather to pray for the needs of the body of Christ, our surroundings communities, and the world around us.

Day-long Retreat 
Coming February 2025

Women Retreat 2023.jpg

Hebrews 13:16

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."


The House of God Church "Hebrews 13:16" Ministry serves to share the provisions given to the ministry to better the lives of those in need. The ministry provides food, clothing, and care for all of God's children, especially our widows and orphans. If your gift is to serve, exhort, contribute, give aid or do acts of mercy, with cheerfulness this is the ministry for you. 

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Love Ministry Fellowship for Married Couples

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House of God provides many opportunities for gifts to be used and true discipleship to be modeled. Our aim is to equip members "for the work of ministry in building up the body of  Christ."

Explore the various ministries listed and see where the Holy Spirit leads you to participate.

Be Inspired
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