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Trust in the Lord

Many of you know the beauty of the Psalms. In the Book of Psalms, you discover the sacred writings that take you through Israel's history and their many expressions with which we can relate. One matter that came to me was how the Lord told King David in Psalm 37, not to "fret" because of the wicked. The Lord went as far to tell David, "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act (Ps 37:5)." Today, I want you to think about these five things the Lord said to David:

  1. Fret not

  2. Trust in the Lord

  3. Take delight in the Lord

  4. Commit your way to the Lord

  5. Be still before the Lord

It may be that one of these calls from the Lord is jumping out at you or all five! Simply trust and know that the Lord will act, if you commit! With Love,

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